Waxing & Tweezing vs. Threading

Why is customized Waxing and Tweezing is better then threading?


Threading, sugaring, hard Brazilian wax, what to choose? Women from all over the world want a sleek look of a hairless body. It is interesting the different methods we’ve used achieve this through out history in every culture. I want to turn your attention to eye brows specifically.

Threading is becoming more popular here in the states. Many are asking if threading is right for them. While threading might be an option for chin or cheeks or lip, I do not recommend this for eyebrow shaping. I don’t think of shaping eyebrows as simply removing hair. Your brows are very important to your look and should be treated as an art not a number. Please seek out a eyebrow specialist. If too much of your brows are removed, they sometimes will not grow back.

Threading is taking multiple hairs at one time. This method causes the client’s brows to become thinner and thinner brows as a result. I have seen many clients that have been over-threaded. At Big city Brows and Beauty Spa, every hair maters. We take the time to wax and tweeze the shape in one hair at a time,  giving us the ability to customize your look to fit your face without stencils or generalized rules that don’t apply to everyone.

Waxing with a wax for sensitive is must. After waxing, it is important to go back over the shape with tweezers. This process is more precise and the hair grows back finer and slower. Eyebrow experts are fast and efficient at tweezing and you will see it is far better experience then doing them yourself. Waxing and tweezing as a method of hair removal is more effective and less painful than threading.

If needed, your eyebrow professional will use a tweeze only method to save your eyebrow shape. This is your best option especially for sensitive skin people who are on Retin A and Accutain. A brow specialist will tweeze one hair at a time to insure the exact shape.

At Big City brows and Beauty Spa our brow experts are trained to wax out the excessive hair and then fine tune the shape with tweezers and groom them perfectly with sissors. We also customize the shape and the tint according to the individual client. We spend the time your brows deserve so you can get a precise, full, natural and defined eyebrow shape according to your facial features.


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  1. I like what this article mentions about waxing and how it can be a good way to remove the majority of the hair but might require tweezers too. My wife has been wanting to get her face waxed and I think it could be a very good option for her. It’s something to remember because I wouldn’t want her to be disappointed with the results.

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