3 ways to Be a Rare Beauty 

When I was standing in line to buy my earrings for a photo shoot, I noticed that I had been staring for an awkward amount of time at an older woman who looked as though she had spent a lot of time and money to have many of her features enhanced or altered. Although she did look beautiful, when my eyes meet hers I could feel a sudden rush of sadness and desperation. My heart sank. Why do so many women feel the need to dramatically change their appearance to become beautiful? To some degree of another we have all felt that we are not beautiful enough the way we are.

After working with thousands of woman I began to realize that even the most gorgeous woman I’ve met from all over the world seemed to be grasping for something to ease the constant pressure of body image and the ticking clock. However, a few rare women seemed to have an air of beauty without fussing over their physical appearance.

As a Beauty Expert and Author, life has allowed me to get up close and personal with some incredible woman. Here is what I learned from these rare beauties:

#1 People feel about you the way you feel about you.

Make a commitment to love yourself fully – for richer or poorer, bigger or smaller better or worse, till death do you part. Look at the thoughts you are having about yourself. Are you going to the gym because you hate how you look, or are you punishing yourself because you overate late night? STOP – Say to yourself, “I am going to go on this walk because I love myself and I want to do something nice for myself”. This is a game changer. If you often feel like you are not good enough, others will get the sense from you that you are not good enough. Watch your thoughts carefully to ensure you are not being too hard on yourself. You ARE beautiful!

#2 People love you if you love them.

Learning to love other people is really an art and it can take practice. Put it into practice immediately. If this is hard for you, start with some questions to yourself:

  • What can I appreciate about this person?
  • What makes them who they are?
  • What could I learn from them?

Get interested in them. People can tell when you truly care.

#3 Caring too much about what you look like attracts people who care too much about what you look like.

As crazy as this may sound, you may need to take a look at who you are hanging around. Birds of a feather flock together. If you are constantly worrying about how you look when you’re with your friends and associates, you may need to reach out to people that can stimulate some thoughts outside of appearance. Look to find people that have deeper values and aspirations.

Game changer actions:

Make a long list of the attributes you find the attractive (having nothing to do with physical appearance). Circle your favorite 3 and work to develop these attributes. Look for those qualities in other people and see how these qualities manifest through them. Do your best each day to work on making changes in your habits and attitudes to develop beautiful attributes.

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