New Treatment: Semi-Permanent Foundation

Avoid that melted makeup look this summer!!!

Do you want even skin tone? Are you tied of clogged pores from foundation?

Celebrity Master Esthetician Vanessa Lavey and husband Konstantin LaVey just unveiled this beautiful skin treatment just in time for summer. Exclusively at Big City Brows and Beauty Spa!

LaVey BB Glow

LaVey BB Glow is a semi-permanent foundation treatment (sometimes called permanent foundation).

Because we have a passion for an effortless beauty this treatment is a new favorite for skin. Wake up looking amazing! This impressive treatment combines both microneedling and BB cream pigment. It boosts your own natural collagen and elastin while depositing a custom shade of semi-permanent makeup one millimeter deep into the skin.

icroneedling treatment (also known as miso therapy) is already a very popular treatment. We take it a step further with a specialized healing vitamin infused serum and our beautiful BB Cream skin pigment. This treatment can take 10 years off your face!

This treatment takes 2 hours due to numbing and requires 2-3 treatments for best results.

You may opt for more treatments if you need a fuller coverage. LaVey BB Glow can last up to months. Imagine not having to put on foundation for 6 months! Come in regularly to keep your glow going.


* Even out skin tone
*Tone down redness due to rosacea or acne
* Effortless beauty
* Anti Aging
* Help Eliminate Pigmentation, age spots, hyperpigmmatation, and freckles.
* Reduces Fine lines and wrinkles
* Helps with tighten pores

We recommend scheduling a Hydro-Facial with extractions for a deep pore cleaning a week 3 to 7 days before your BB Glow treatment if you are not on a regular facial schedule.

I would love to look at your skin and help you decide what can we can do for your most beautiful results!

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