Benefits of PRP facial Treatments

Radiant skin is in high demand. While most women are flocking to get fillers and Botox, the most informed ones are getting our LaVéy Mesotherapy  treatments!

Introducing  The LaVéy PRP Facial.  PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), AKA liquid gold, has everything your skin craves. When you combine the benefits of the LaVéy micro needling technique with your own BioIdentical Youth Serum you get fabulous glowing results!

How Does it Work?

An appointment will be set for a quick and easy blood draw. Your sample will then be processed to extract your plasma. Your plasma is combined with our advanced LaVéy delivery system to create your own unique BioIdentical Youth Serum. Because the serum is produced with your own plasma, it works better and more quickly with your skin than anything you’ve ever tried before.

Boost your Collagen and Elastin

Yes Please! Boosting your natural collagen gives your skin that natural plump. Boosting your elastin picks up that slack, helping your skin stay tight and lifted. Your own natural elastin and collagen is better than anything you can buy on the market.  

Boost your Circulation

All skin experts know that circulation is vital for amazing skin. A circulation boost depuffs and detoxifies the skin, helping prevent congestion and breakouts. Increasing blood flow will also increase oxygen and collagen. In turn you get healthy, happy cell growth.

 Boosts Your Skin’s Metabolism

A skilled technician knows best how to stimulate the meso layer of the skin. That is where the skin is most responsive for long term results. Stimulating your meso layer (also known as Mesotherapy) is not new, it has just been one of the best kept secrets of the rich and famous.  

Heal Your Skin Conditions Faster from the Inside Out

The PRP is an essential part of the body’s healing process so adding this concentrated form to the meso layer of your skin not only speeds healing time it gives your skin every thing it needs to heal its own skin conditions such as:

* uneven texture * sundamage * aging  * large pores * scars from acne 
* inflamation * sagging skin * hyper pigmentation * dehydration 
* loss of luminosity  

YES! For even better results we can take it one giant step further by formulating your own take home PRP cocktailed with our advanced LaVey delivery system. We want to offer you the best aftercare you can possibly give your skin.  Add a 1 oz. LaVéy PRP BioIdentical Youth Serum at checkout and take it home at the time of your treatment!

Additional notes: Allow 2 week between treatments. Downtime varies person to person. Results are cumulative. 

Give us a call or text message if you have any questions @  801-970-5555

Love to see you!
Vanessa & Konstantin LaVéy

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