What’s Hot for Eyebrows This Year

Realness is back, ladies. Say bye bye to Barbie doll perfect brows and hello to a more natural, sultry brow.

What is an eyebrow fan? 


An eyebrow fan is the area of your brow where the hairs of the brow stand up toward the forehead and toward the middle of the face. Gently combing this area to spread the fan creates a youthful, full look to your brows. More and more ladies are enhancing their look showing off the bare skin in the fan of the brow. Enhancing the tail of the brow with a little powder is still a very popular and easy enhancement. Also known as a “boy-brow”, thick, full, grown-out brows are on the forefront of beauty trends.

So what if you’ve plucked, tweezed, waxed, or threaded your eyebrows? Is your fan and fullness gone for good?

Here at Big City Brows we’ve recently added to our arsenal of Brow Wow techniques.

A service called microblading is now available to make your brows look full and stunning.  This semi-permanent procedure fills in thin or short brows. Although this is a rising new trend, this beauty trick has been around since the time of Cleopatra. No wonder eye brows are depicted as such a big part of the culture in Egyptian drawings.

The microblading technique allows me to enhance the appearance of the brow in a very natural and unnoticeable way.  Just the slight differences in length and arch can give you a captivating brow. This is so exciting because we are able to add the finishing touches to any brow in need! Now many of my clients that we have rehabilitated their brow from over plucking or thinning by a poorly trained professional have the option of adding hair strokes for a finished effortless look.

Microblading is a beautiful way to look your best without pencils, stencils, and brow powders!

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  1. I am very interested in microblading. I am so OVER the amount of time I have to devote to my flipping eyebrows! I am a former makeup artist and a perfectionist, and would be ecstatic to have fabulous, natural looking brows that don’t require so much of my daily attention. I have four early University classes this semester and don’t want to waste anymore precious morning time messing with my eyebrows just to make them acceptable. Thank you…Dawne

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