LaVéy Ceramide Firming Serum (1 oz.)

Lock in and replenish your youth! This firming serum can be used to provide powerful, long term effects.
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This satin-smooth serum really is the crème da la crème of serums. It's ability to work from a cellular level makes this invaluable in your anti-aging skin routine.

Skin type: Dry, aging, sensitive

Use: Apply every other day as a final serum before moisturizer on face, neck, and décolleté.

Ingredients: Matcha powder extract, rice peptides, gluconate, glycerin, ceramide 2, medium chain triglycerides, guar, lactylate, vitamin A esters, vitamin C esters, methyl glucose esters, polysiloxane, quaternary surfactant, sodium benzoate, rose ether, vanilla, herbal extract.

1 oz.

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