Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent Cosmetics

It’s the little things that make a big difference! Look effortlessly beautiful with natural looking permanent makeup.

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Semi-permanent procedure that fills in gaps, improves your brow fan and tail, and creates a beautifully shaped eyebrow that looks natural and gorgeous. If you’d like your arches artistically designed or recreated, or need reconstruction beyond a basic fill-in, we can recreate your eyebrows and give you a stunning look. The correct arch for your brow frames your eye, lifts the face, and can be your best kept secret.

We recommend a touch up session 4-6 weeks after your first session.

Permanent Eyebrows
Fill in your brows with permanent brow liner

Permanent Eyeliner
Line your lashline with permanent eyeliner

Permanent Full Lips
Fill your lips with permanent color

Permanent Lip Liner
Line your lips with permanent color

Meet with a permanent makeup expert to learn which types of permanent makeup would be right for you.

Touch up Appointment (between 4 and 6 weeks after original application)

Color Boosts (Reapplication to darken your color, more than 6 weeks later)